In Machiko Hasegawa’s classic manga and anime series, Sazae-san, Sazae and Masuo already lead a happily-married life. However, for their latest Hungry Days CM, Nissin is featuring a younger version of the couple, way back in their high school days. In the new CM, Masuo does a very public confession for Sazae, with BUMP OF CHICKEN  singing the theme song, “Kinen Satsuei”. They actually released two versions, with a 30-second version, as well as a 15-second version.

Well, at least we know they will lead a happy married life, huh? Sazae-san is a family anime after all! Yu Wakui voiced Sazae for the CM, while Nobunaga Shimazaki voices Masuo. Meanwhile, Eisaku Kubonouchi designed the characters, as he did the previous two CMs.

The Sazae-san CM itself is a bit different than the two previous Hungry Days CMs. While the previous two featured older versions of child characters, this one featured younger versions of adult characters. They previously featured high school-aged Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service, as well as Heidi from Heidi: Girl of the Alps.