The One Piece manga has been teasing the so-called “Wano Arc” for some time now. However, it turns out that we won’t be reaching that story arc for quite some time. As the Super Kabuki II One Piece ”Idai Naru Sekai” photo collection reveals, Eiichiro Oda hismself has said that One Piece will enter the “Wano Arc” in 1-2 years.

The book features an interview between Oda and Luffy’s kabuki actor, Ichikawa Ennosuke IV. They discussed plenty of important topics, including the character Little Oars Jr., as well as how the kabuki play portrayed Luffy on stage. But when the Kabuki actor asked Oda about the Wano arc, the mangaka told him to expect it within within 1-2 years. Oda also revealed that the arc will probably feature a story about Ace. Here’as a summary of the interview from :

The interview also reveals a few tidbits, including how Oda divides his time between One Piece’s story and art. It turns out that Oda actually spends more time on the story than the artwork itself. Knowing how much the mangaka works, that must be a lot of time just formulating the story, huh?