Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You celebrates Pokemon’s 20th anniversary, and also serves as the franchise’s 20th film. As expected, the film is getting an English version, and in celebration of this, they are updating the original theme. This means that “I Choose You” will be featuring an updated version of the Pokemon song many of us grew up listening to. Now, the official Pokemon Channel has released a new teaser for that updated version of a classic. Now sing with me… “I Wanna be the very best…”

It seems like they will be releasing a full version, but didn’t reveal any further details so far. But then again, this just hits a ton of nostalgia buttons with all those Gen-1 Pokemon, huh?

Like the 20th film, the first TV anime episode is also titled “Pokemon, I Choose You!”, and it also takes a look back at Ash’s first meeting with Pikachu. The first episode was aired 20 years ago in 1997, so this landmark film is really a big throwback!