If you thought dealing with an evil team leader was troublesome, then be prepared for Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon. This is because the game is bringing together “20 years of evil” as all the evil team leaders unite to form Team Rainbow Rocket. And that’s not all, Team Rocket leader, Giovanni, is leading them! A new trailer introduces this dastardly new team, along with a few additions:

But Rainbow Rocket’s reveal ain’t the only bombshell the new trailer reveals. This is because trainers can now also get their own totem-sized Pokemon with Totem stickers. It also revealed the addition of the Battle Agency. However, one of the biggest announcement trailers is the addition of all the legendary Pokemon from previous games, including Mewtwo, the legendary birds, Xernias and Yveltal, and many more.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will hit the Nintendo 3DS on 17th November with a global release. This will also be the final Pokemon game for the 3DS console.