Just recently, I went hiking at Mt. Batolusong and I brought CuPoche Alice! ^_^ We knew her as the cutesy character going out and about on whimsical places, but seeing her having fun around nature gives her that natural, calming vibe!

It’s a beautiful sunny day when I decided to go on a hike with my new toy buddy! I’ve been hiking mountains since 2013 and once you get up there, that feeling of instant connection with nature makes you want to go back for more adventures! Check out our photos!

Look at the falls we’ve seen at the foot of the mountain!

Alice thinks so too so she decided to take a dip!

Sorry dear, we forgot your swimsuit! XD Alice just sat down and enjoyed the cool spring water!

Nature has its way to calm everything and just allow you to pause..

…take a deep breath and bask in the sunlight’s calmness.

After a refreshing dip, she just chilling now at a tree…

…PEEK-A-BOO!..and playing hide and seek with me! ^_^

I hope you enjoy Alice’s adventures with nature! Toys are a great subjects for outdoor shoots and they like to enjoy seeing the world too!

See you on my next post! 🙂