Looks like some seiyuu will be participating in Comiket 93, but not as guests, but as doujin circle participants. Seiyuu Kikuko Inoue, Chiemi Chiba, Nami Miyahara, and Atsuko Tanaka have all revealed that they will be joining the event this December.

Belldandy herself, Kikoku Inoue, is teaming up with Motoko Kusanagi, Atsuki Tanaka, to form the “Onee-chan to Shousa” cirlce. Of course, Inoue, who played several big sister roles, is the “Onee-chan” of the duo. Meanwhile, Tanaka is “Shousa,” which means Major… as in Major Motoko Kusanagi.

As for Chiemi Chiba and Nami Miyahara, the two Ojamajo Doremi seiyuu will also be participating in Comiket 93. The two are actually members of the doujin circle, “Whisper”. Together, the two will be selling photo collections, as well as merchandise.

Comiket 93 won’t just feature seiyuu manning their own circles, but also one particular anime director. TATSUKI, together with his team, IRODORI, will be participating as well. The team previously worked on Kemono Friends together, with Tatsuki directing. Expect event-goers to flock their booth, so better come early!

The Tokyo Big Sight in Odaiba will be holding Comiket 93 from 29th-31st December. Some of Japan’s biggest doujinshi circles will be participating, as well as several cosplayers.