Heads up Monster Hunters, because Sony has revealed a special treat for you. They revealed that they are releasing a few Monster Hunter-themed products for their Sony Walkman. Of course, includes a special Monster Hunter: World Walkman bearing the Research Commission insignia. This will also come with a Monter Hunter World-themed box as well. It comes with five colors, as well as five Hi-Res quality tracks from Monster Hunter: World’s OST.

But if the Walkman ain’t your thing, Sony is also offering a Monster Hunter h.ear on2 Wireless NC (WH-H900N) headphone. They also come with five colors and a Monster Hunter-themed box.

However, if you want everyone to hear your songs, they also have a Monster Hunter-themed portable speaker. It uses a portable h.ear go (SRS-HG1) model, but only comes in one color.

Sony will release these products on 27th January 2018, the same day as Monster Hunter World’s release. As for the game itself, Capcom will be releasing it for the PlayStation 4, Xbox ONE, and PC.

Source: 4Gamer