Gen Urobuchi’s epic puppet theater, Thunderbolt Fantasy, is getting a side story film titled Thunderbolt Fantasy Shoushi Ikken. Now, the new film has received a new trailer and it reveals a new character in Roufu You. And it seems that this new character has a celebrity seiyuu because T.M. Revolution himself, Takanori Nishikawa, will be voicing the character.

And that’s not all because T.M. Revolution is also singing the film’s theme song. It will be a Chinese version of the puppet theater show’s Japanese OP, Raimei. The singer also performed the original show’s OP song when it first aired.

Gen Urobuchi is returning to write the scripts, and the film also credits him with the original work. This means that viewers shouldn’t get attached to any of the film’s characters because he ain’t called “Urobutcher” for nothing. The infamous writer has worked on several series, including Psycho-Pass and Madoka Magica.

The film also credits Nitroplus for its character designs, while Good Smile Company is its modeling adviser. As for the puppets themselves, PILI Multimedia Inc., a Taiwanese puppet drama production company, produced the series. The film will premiere in 2nd December in Japan. The series will also get a second season in 2018.

Source: Animate Times