After revealing official theme songs for Magikarp and Mimikyu, it looks like Tentacool’s also getting its own official music video! Considered the “Zubat of the sea,” Tentacool give trainers without “Repel” a constant headache by popping out everywhere in the ocean. Now, the new music video talks about the reason for this, which is of course, Tentacool’s drifting. Oh, and the video also has English subtitles, so don’t forget to turn on the subtitle option.

The song itself is actually quite sad, as Tentacool usually get lonely as they drift in the oceans alone. And as it drifts along the ocean, the waves sweep it away aimlessly… until it runs into a trainer with no repel of course! And sometimes, when they drift aimlessly, they wash-up on the beach and dry up. So sad, right?

Also known as Menokurage in Japanese, the song says that these Pokemon generally mean no harm. However, when they do evolve into Tentacruel, they can get quite scary.