Anime fans have 99 problems. That’s it, that’s the joke. With so many segmenting (and collaborating) fandoms, new titles created left and right, and a never-ending list of items to collect, anime fans are always in need. But all this stuff can be condensed into just five simple elements! Here’s a list of 5 things all otaku need more of:

© Eiichiro Oda / Toei Animation

No. 1: More Money

As we mentioned earlier, there is a seemingly endless list of comics, BDs, and figures to purchase! There are also anisong concert tickets, meals at collaboration cafes, and purchasing random unrelated items for the chance to win collectibles not offered for sale. Then there are those those pesky paid gacha for all the mobile games they play. Yes, money is something every otaku needs more of.

© Magica Quartet / Aniplex

No. 2: More Time

Speaking of mobile games, there is one other thing they might need if they love in-game events: more time! Sure, they can get this fabulous new character for free, but only if they accomplish all the requirements in a limited time frame! They also need time if they wanna queue for concert goods, limited edition merchandise, and store exclusives — so they can either sleep, eat, or work but can only pick two!

@ ASCII Media Works / Aniplex

No. 3: More Space

Yay — an exclusive figure from Yahoo! Japan Auctions has arrived! But it’s huge and there’s no way it’s gonna fit an already cramped room! It has to share space with the waifu dakimakuras, all those wall scrolls, five million other figures, your BD box collection, and your bed. Soon, your friendly neighborhood otaku will be forced to sleep in the toilet!

@ Kadokawa / Studio Deen

No. 4: More Friends

The stereotype of being a shut-in (hikikomori) aside, most anime fans actually have friends! They may be online friends and never actually meet, but others do hang out with one another! Having a friend who shares your interest is great when you need an extra warm body to help you attend events, queue for goods, and trade blind box items when you have five of one kind and none of another!

@ Shounen Jump / Studio Pierrot

No. 5: More Showers

But in order to make and keep friends, here’s one thing they also need: more showers! Anisong concerts and ACG events are hot, sweaty affairs — let’s not make it even more unbearable by showing up without showering and in yesterday’s clothes! To make sure that you’re fresh as a daisy, check out this new device called Kunkun Body!

What the…?

Kunkun Body is a smell checker developed by Japanese company Konica Minolta. Kunkun Body uses a small device to check your body odor, and connects to your smartphone for analysis and results. This nifty gadget made it to the history books as one of the most successfully funded projects on Japanese crowd-funding site Makuake!

By showing you scientific proof about how nasty (or nice) you smell, you can actually do something about it! The inventors of Kunkun Body even have teamed up with other companies that help you manage the way you smell, with antibacterial apparel and grooming products.

Curious to see how you fare on the stinkbomb scale? Why not come to the Kunkun Body experience zone at C3 AFA Singapore 2017! Dare your friends to find out which one of you is the stinkiest! Bring your significant other and have scientific proof that they need to shower more! Or — you know, try it for size because you know you smell nice 😀

For more information, check out the official Kunkun Body website at Smell ya later!