Comiket 93 will be happening in December, and we now know how many doujin cirlcles are participating in the event. For this Comiket, it seems like a total of 32,214 doujinshi circles will be participating. As for the series these circles will be basing their works on, it looks like perennial favorite, Kantai Collection, didn’t win again this time. This is because TYPE-MOON has now dethroned the DMM PC Browser game as Comiket’s top doujin series.

  2. Kantai Collection
  3. The [email protected]
  4. Touhou Project
  5. Touken Ranbu
  6. Yuri!! on Ice

Kantai Collection has been on top of the Comiket rankings for three years now, as majority of doujin circles dedicated works to the franchise. They dethroned former Comiket top-ranker, Touhou, which had previously dominated the event’s doujinshi scene. Now, it looks like the TYPE-MOON titles have taken their spot with 1,498 circles doing TYPE-MOON doujins. Meanwhile, the previous #1-ranker, KanColle, has 1,460 circles doing doujins about the franchise. This will also mark the first time in years that the #1-ranker isn’t either KanColle or Touhou.

Comiket 93 will happen at the Tokyo Big Sight from 29th-31st December. Some of Japan’s top doujinshi circles will be participating, including some promising future professional mangaka. Cosplayers will also be gracing the event, and of course, some of them will be quite wacky.