It’s time for the biggest Japanese pop culture event in South East Asia! C3 AFA Singapore 2017 will be held at the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre on the 24th to the 27th of November 2017! It’s a must for every fan of anime, cosplay, and anisong. And speaking of I Love Anisong — on her second consecutive appearance in Singapore, put your hands together for the lovely Konomi Suzuki! She takes a few minutes out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions from WOW Japan.

You were recently in Jakarta and Manila. How did you find those experiences?

I was a little worried about Jakarta and Manila because I was going for the first time, but I was touched by the fact that everybody was waving penlights and distributing call books — just like in Japan. Recently, I have had a lot of overseas performances, and again I feel the power of animation and music, that can unite everyone no matter what country I go to.

You started your career while you were very young. How did you feel when you heard your voice on the radio for the first time?

It has always been my dream to sing anisong, so I am very happy. And I was not used to hearing my own voice, so when I heard it through TV and radio, I was surprised that I had such a voice. My family and I all gathered in the living room, and the show hasn’t started yet, so we all waited — I remember as much. Up to now, the feeling hasn’t changed, and the first impression is still huge.

Which of your songs do you think represents you best as an artiste?

Every song contains a lot of my own thoughts, but among them it feels like “Love is MY RAIL”, the theme song of TV anime “Ange Vierge” is quite special. When you feel lost, believe in feeling sof love as well as your dreams, and live life in your own way! It is an important song that always encourages me.

You recently voiced the character of Rin in [LOST SONG], it was your first voice acting role. How did you find that experience?

Although every day was quite a challenge because dubbing is quite difficult, I had a lot of seniors who taught me lots of different things, so I did my best by doing research and also being encouraging to myself. By understanding that I am playing a character and it was not me, I was able to express myself better as an artist. I am looking forward to the anime’s broadcast!

Please leave a message for your fans.

“C3 AFA Singapore” was the first overseas animation event that I participated in as a guest, so I am very happy about this second appearance. I will level up my stage performance and sing with all of my heart I hope everyone is excited. Thank you very much!

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24 – 27 November 2017
Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre

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