It’s the big one — it’s C3 AFA Singapore 2017! To be held at the Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre from the 24th to the 26th of November 2017 get lost in the massive exhibition hall, get star-struck with the stellar guest list, and rock out at the biggest anisong concert in South East Asia! And for the first time ever, the lovely and energetic members of MOSO Calibration! MOSO Calibration took a few minutes out of their packed schedule to answer a few questions for us here at WOW Japan!

What do you look forward to the most on your first performance in Singapore?

Kurumizawa Mahiru: I would like to meet all of our Singaporean fans who have supported us since we were small. And I would like to find a wonderful sightseeing spot where I can take the perfect Instagram photo ✩

Sakurano Usa: I am looking forward to the live very much! Since we usually perform mainly in Japan, we’re looking forward to how we can reach the Singapore audience, and how the Singapore fans will react — we’re very excited for that!

Hoshino Nia: I want to see something completely different from what I see in Japan! I am looking forward to taking pictures of some nice scenery for my #Nia-Colle (Nia Collection, which I post on my personal Twitter) hahaha!

Amamiya Iori: I heard that the city and the air is very clean, so I am really looking forward to going to such a place. I would like to see Marina Bay Sands.

Mizuki Yumeko: I love to eat, so I’m looking forward to the food in Singapore!

Your performances are always so cute and energetic. Do you have any design input on your costumes? Do you help choreograph your dances?

Hoshino Nia: Our choreographer sometimes changes things on the spot, and there are songs where the members have some pretty cool ideas, so we also include it in the choreography.

Our choreographer also does not delve too much into the details, so the members have some room for interpretation!

The members decide on which combination to go with on their own costumes — I want it like this, I want it like that! We let our designers know and they help make it for us!

Some of our choreography is quite powerful, so we make sure our costujmes can handle it, and have mobility as well.

Do you have any rituals you perform backstage before coming out?

Kurumizawa Mahiru: For every concert, we do “plank” training. We also make a circle and have each member join in!

Is there a particular artiste you would want to collaborate with, and who?

Sakurano Us: MOSO Calibration has covered ClariS’ song “irony”, so we would like to perform with them someday!! It’s our dream!

Please leave a message for your fans.

Kurumizawa Mahiru: It’s our long-awaited Singapore concert! We love anime ourselves, and we’d like to connect with fans through anisong! Let’s go beyond the language barrier and have lots of fun!

Sakurano Usa: We will bring you songs full of confidence! We are also anime otaku so we’d love to hear you sing our songs with us! Like the heroines of Saekano♭, each member will perform like shining stars. Please enjoy the live with passion in your eyes!

Hoshino Nia: For all MOSO Calibration fans, and all anime fans, let’s all enjoy MOSO Calibration’s music beyond words!

Amamiya Iori: For our first live in Singapore, and our first meeting with you all, I will treasure this and perform with all my heart! Thank you very much!

Mizuki Yumeko: Beyond the language barrier, let’s enjoy the live together!!!

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24 – 27 November 2017
Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre

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