Japanese pop culture unites as C3 AFA Singapore 2017 heads back to the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre on the 24th to the 27th of November 2017! Featuring the biggest exhibition halls, the most star studded Japanese guest line up, and the biggest anisong stars — it’s a must for every fan of anime, cosplay, and anisong. And speaking of anisong, put your hands together for the fifth anniversary of the debut of the one and only nano! nano takes a quick break between her studio work and rehearsals to answer five questions from WOW Japan.

Since your last time in Singapore, you’ve officially revealed your face to the world, dubbing it your “Liberation”. Has this affected your day to day life? If so, how?

It was a significant and timely step in my music career. However, I feel that very little has changed in the big aspect of things. What has changed is that I am now more able to broaden my horizons in terms of live performances and media, which helps me reach out to more people.

Talk us through the process of creating a song.

It depends on the song, but what is most common is that I first receive a very rough demo of the melody and track, onto which I compose lyrics, and then when the instrumental track is completed, I go into the studio to record the vocals. When the song is a tie-up song for an Anime, I usually receive a brief summary of the story and its characters, and perhaps a few key themes.

Which of your songs do you think represents you best as an artiste?

That is a tough question, as I feel that many of the songs I have sung until now how represented me well at that given time. I am always looking to change, to move forward, so the songs I connect to will also change. However, I do have my songs that will always have a special place in my heart. “Magenta”, “No Pain, No Game”, “DREAMCATCHER”, “Freedom Is Yours”, “The Crossing”, just to name a few.

You’ve played a lot of international gigs. Are there any other countries you would like to perform in?

I love performing overseas. My goal is to reach out and connect to as many countries as I can. Of course I’d love to go back and perform in America, my birth-country.

Please leave a message for your fans.

I am just so grateful to be able to face my 5th Anniversary year, and it is thanks to my fans around the world. Your support means everything to me. I always compose my lyrics in hopes that it reaches someone’s heart and gives them strength, no matter where they live, or what language they may speak. I believe that music has the power to connect us beyond boundaries. So I thank you for continuing to give me this chance.

● Event Information

24 – 27 November 2017
Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre

Official Website: c3afa.com/singapore17
Online Ticketing: c3afa.com/singapore17/tickets