Mr. Osomatsu has proven to be one of the most popular anime today. And it’s gotten so popular that it’s even getting its own web spin-off or ONA. Avex revealed that they have green-lit a 12-episode web short series tentatively titled dMatsu-san.

The new ONA will make its debut in NTT Docomo’s dAnime Store online streaming service on 9th January. The series will divide the shorts into two segments, each focusing on the sextuplets’ relationships with either Totoko or Iyami. The “Totoko x the Sextuplet” segment transforms Totoko as a princess, and will feature her conversations with the brothers. Meanwhile, the “Iyami x the Sextuplet” segment focuses on Iyami’s daily life with the sextuplets.

As for the TV anime, its second season premiered back in October. It will then continue onto its second cour next year. And with the web anime premiering next month, you can bet that fans won’t have any shortages of the Matsuno brothers any time soon.

Source: dTV official