After teasing Mecha Godzilla in a poster visual, the official website for the Godzilla anime has now confirmed it! Yes folks, according to the official website, Godzilla will indeed be fighting Mecha Godzilla in the second film. They also revealed a brand new PV for the second film itself, “Godzilla: The City Mechanized for the Final Battle”.

The website also confirmed that the “Super Gigantic Godzilla” in the first film has a name, and its “Godzilla Earth”. As for Mecha Godzilla, they describe the giant mecha as the “ultimate anti-Godzilla weapon”.

The poster also reveals that the second film will premiere in May 2018. In previous Godzilla films, the humans developed Mecha Godzilla as the “ultimate anti-Godzilla weapon”. They actually made several other variations, including Kiryuu, which they made from the first Godzilla’s bones.

The infamous Urobutcher himself, Gen Urobuchi, will be writing the script, so don’t get attached to any character. Meanwhile, Polygon Pictures will be handling the trilogy’s animation.

Netflix, the world’s largest TV and movie streaming service, will be releasing the anime film globally. Of course, this includes Japan, where TOHO will be coordinating a theatrical and global streaming release, along with Netflix.