In Japan, 7-Eleven has everything. From the usual slurpees to bento, they have it all. And yes, they also have make-up. In fact, they have their own make-up line called PaRaDo back in Japan! Now, PaRaDo has three new ikemen mascots to help promote some cosmetics, with each guy promoting one specific item.

This is all part of their Make up Room promotion featuring the three make-up boys. What’s more is that each one of them have their own popular seiyuu voicing their characters. Kishio Taniyama voices Brow, which represents the eyebrow pencil.

Meanwhile, Hiro Shimono voices Foun, who represents the Make-up foundation.

Finally, Shouta Aoi voices Yuvi, who represents the UV Base CC cream.

These seiyuu will also be recording several voice clips in PaRaDo’s official website. As for their character designs, Kyo Kara Maoh mangaka, Temari Matsumoto, is responsible for them.

7-Eleven has also launched a PR campaign where fans can win autographed items just by following their twitter page and retweeting a few posts.

Source: Nijimen