Attack on Titan is adapting The Lost Girls stories into a 3-episode OVA series. They divided the anime into two parts, with “Annie’s Story” and also “Mikasa’s Story”. And with “Annie’s Story”, or “Wall Sina, Goodbye” already releasing its first episode, the staff unveiled a brand new PV teasing the OVAs.

“Wall Sina, Goodbye” takes a look at Annie’s time as a member of the Military Police. It delves deeper into her character, and also shows that she actually feels guilty of her actions. They released the first episode in DVD format, and also bundled it alongside Attack on Titan’s Volume 24 release.

The second part of “Annie’s Story” will come with the manga’s Volume 25 release on 9th April. Meanwhile, “Mikasa’s Story” will be coming as a bundle, together will the manga’s Volume 26 release on 9th August. Nitroplus and anime screenwriter Hiroshi Seko released Lost Girls as a pair of Nitroplus visual novels.