Megaman fans, rejoice, because after YEARS of waiting, we finally have a new Megaman game! Capcom has announced the latest addition to their Megaman franchise, with Megaman 11. They also revealed a brand new announcement trailer which also shows off the new game’s gameplay.

Looking good so far, huh? It seems that Capcom has been teasing Megaman 11 for months now. And with its reveal, fans can finally breathe a sigh of relief, after thinking that Capcom gave up on making a new Megaman title.

As for its platforms, fans shouldn’t worry because Capcom will release it in multiple platforms. They will release it for the PS4, Xbox ONE, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Yes folks, it won’t be a single-platform exclusive, and the PC Master Race Gamers can enjoy it too! Capcom will release the game for the above-mentioned platforms sometime in late 2018.