In the new Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card anime, Sakura has now grown a bit as she enters middle school. Of course, this also means that Li Syaoran has also grown, and a brand new PV for the anime focuses on him!

The original cast from the classic 90’s magical girl anime will be reprising their roles. This means that Sakura Tange will be reprising her role as Sakura Kinomoto, while Motoko Kumai returns as Syaoran.

Aside from the Syaoran focus, the new PV also announced the anime’s premiere schedule. According to the video, the anime will premier in Japan on 7th January at 7:30 am via NHK BS Premium. Several sites will also be streaming the new anime online around the world.

The staff also confirmed that seiyuu Maaya Sakamoto will be singing the anime’s OP theme song. Titled “CLEAR,” they will be releasing the new OP as a single on 31st January 2018. Sakamoto also performed the original anime’s Season 3 OP, “Platinum,” back in 1999. Clamp’s new manga serves as a sequel for their original series, and it also celebrates the series’ 20th anniversary. Set a few years after the original ended, the manga follows Sakura, who is now a middle school student.