The third Go Nagai 50th anniversary anime, Cutie Honey Universe, will cap off the legendary mangaka’s golden anniversary celebrations. Of course, the celebrations include new adaptations for his classic works, including the upcoming Mazinger Z/Infinity film, as well as Netflix’s Devilman Crybaby. Now, we finally get our first look at this new Cutie Honey anime thanks to a new teaser PV!

As revealed in the PV, the anime will premiere sometime in 2018. Described as one of Japan’s earliest ecchi works, Go Nagai released the manga back in 1970. The series has garnered a reputation for all its clothing damage, and of course, its highly-revealing fan service. Oh, and there’s plenty of combat action too!

Akitoshi Yokoyama (Photo Kano) will be directing the project, while Production Reed will be animating it. Meanwhile, Natsuko Takahashi (Love and Lies) will handle series composition. And finally, Shuichi Iseki (The Dragon Dentist) will handle the character designs, as well as act as Chief Animation Director.

As for the man himself, Go Nagai says that the new Cutie Honey adaptation will be a fitting end to the 50th anniversary celebrations of his career. He also admits he’s quite curious how they will adapt Honey Kisaragi’s story in a more modern way.