Fate/Grand Order has become one of Japan’s most popular smartphone games. And it’s become so popular that it’s even getting its very own arcade game! And like most upcoming arcade games, its staff are also conducting location tests. They will do them on 8th December, and they’ve also started teasing players with still images:

Much like the arcade version of Kantai Collection, this arcade version of Fate/Grand Order will look differently from the original. It will feature 3D graphics, as well as more action-packed fight sequences. However, it will still have that “Gatcha” element of luck, much like the original. So yeah, good luck getting those servants that you want! It will still also follow the same gameplay mechanics as the original, but with the enhanced visuals and 3D scenes.

As for the location tests, the staff will be livestreaming on 8th December via Niconico Douga. The livestream will show off new gameplay footage, as well as which servants the game will feature on release.

Source: Siliconera