Last New Year’s Eve, Fate/Grand Order received its first anime in the form of a New Year TV special. Now, it looks like it’s getting not one, but two new anime as part of its New Year special broadcast. From 10:00pm JST until 11:55 JST, several Japanese networks will air the “Fate Project New Year’s Eve TV Special.” Of course, this would include the two new anime.

The first one is titled Fate/Grand Order x Himuro’s World: Seven Most Powerful Great Figures Chapter. It adapts the FGO 4-koma manga, Himuro no Tenchi Fate/school life. The manga follows Kaede Makidera, Kane Himuro, and Yukika Saegusa as they study at Homurahara Academy. It is purely a school life manga, and doesn’t do anything in regards to the game’s story. Also, expect some great animation on this one, because ufotable will be animating it.

Meanwhile, Fate series co-creator Kinoko Nasu himself is penning the script for the second special, Fate/Grand Order -Moonlight/Lostroom-. It centers on a “Lost Room” in a forgotten corner of Chaldea where one can find those who are lost. As for its animation production, Lay-duce will be responsible for animating this one.

Aside from the two new Fate/Grand Order anime, the TV special will also take a look at what happened for the Fate series in 2017. It will also make announcements about what to expect from the Fate project for 2018.

Source: Hachima kikou