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2017 has been a great year for games, looking ahead 2018 looks to provide yet another entertaining fans of the medium. Here’re a few of the games I’m looking forward to in the coming year

  1. Monster Hunter World

Coming in late January, Monster Hunter is finally returning to the family of consoles it once called home, the PlayStation. The strides it has made since it left SONY’s family of consoles to move to Nintendo’s are remarkable. Embracing the open world concept seen in most games, Monster Hunter World has evolved with the times. The much-needed rework to the game’s arsenal of ranged weapons also helped move users into a better position in the game’s “meta”. All of this strive to create a more intense, and arguably more challenging experience for longtime fans of the series. I mean, could you imagine transporting an egg while having an Anjanath chasing you across half the map?

2. Days Gone

In what looks like a cross between The Walking Dead and the Sons of Anarchy, Days Gone revisits the much-walked path of the zombie apocalypse theme but with a twist. The trailers showcased at E3 2016, and 2017 showcase an intense fight for survival where the player will need to battle rival gangs as well as the impending arrival of the zombie horde. Where previous games only saw players battle small groups or waves of zombies, Days Gone throws the gauntlet down, assaulting the players with tens of hundreds of zombies at once. With a captivating narrative, I’m sure this game will have much to offer.


From the makers of the God Eater series comes a new gaming experience, CODE VEIN. With a concept like that of Dark Souls and Bloodborne, early previews of the game showcase an intense combat mechanic. Hiroshi Yoshimura’s emphasis on story should provide players with a deep meaty story to sink their teeth into.

4. Ni no Kuni II: Revenant King

The original Ni no Kuni was a charming, whimsical game, and there is no reason to expect the sequel to stay far from it. For a game built for the PlayStation 3, it was graphically impressive, a wonderful soundtrack, and an excellent story. If you have not played the original, I would highly recommend it to fans of the RPG genre.

5. God of War

The God of War franchise has seen Kratos fall from the heavens, only to beat his way back up again. And now in his later years, we see him passing his knowledge on to the next generation. God of War captures the same intensity found in its predecessors, but instead of battling icons of the Greek mythology, Kratos and his son will face adversaries from Norse mythology.

Honourable Mentions:

While the games in the next part of this are games I am truly looking forward to getting my hands on, maybe even more so than games above, conflicting reports on their release dates or lack thereof have relegated them to this sub-portion of the article.

  1. The Last of Us Part II

The Last of Us left us breathless, craving for more adventures of Joel and Ellie. The chemistry between the characters was perfect, and the finale left us wanting answers. Trailers coming out from E3 and the Paris Game Week only fed our need for answers. Naughty Dog has made a habit of creating beautiful narratives and captivating games, here’s hoping The Last of Us Part II continues that habit.

  1. Kingdom Hearts III

Fans of the Kingdom Hearts series have been extremely patient when it comes to the release of Kingdom Hearts III. Since 2006, fans have been aching for a main line Kingdom Hearts game. While they have been receiving side stories and spinoffs in the form of Kingdom Hearts 1.5, 2.8, and Birth by Sleep just to name a few, a main line game would be welcomed with a ton of fanfare. It’ll also be interesting to see more of the modern-day Disney characters in the Kingdom Hearts universe.