He may be out of Kemono Friends Season 2, but it looks like anime director, TATSUKI, has a new anime. During Comiket 93, fans received several flyers announcing a new animation project. Of course, this announces TATSUKI’s new animation project, and his team from Kemono Friends, irodori, is also coming with him.

The flyer says that this new project will be a TV anime, though it did not reveal any title. It features a girl, with smoke covering her face. Of course, the new announcement created a ton of buzz among anime fans, who are now wondering what it is.

While Yaoyorozu produced Kemono Friends, TATSUKI and irodori formed the backbone. While he serves as director, Yuuko Shiromizu serves as art director, while Yoshihisa Isa serves as animation director. With the fallout between Kadokawa and the anime’s staff, they replaced irodori from the project. Kadokawa has confirmed that Kemono Friends will have a sequel, but its former staff won’t be involved.

Source: @tuki3457