Comiket 93 has now started, and it offers plenty of doujinshi and anime merchandise. And with 100,000 yen in cash, you can certainly buy a whole lot of stuff you want, right? But what would you do if you were to pick up a wallet with that amount inside? Would you spend everything at the event for yourself, or would you find the owner and return it. Surely, the first choice is the easiest, but one event-goer actually found one and returned it to a grateful owner.

In a tweet, @deou_bal said that he found a wallet with 100,000 yen worth of cash during Comiket 93. He tried giving it up to police and Comiket staff, but apparently, they denied it. However, it seems that the wallet held a clue, and that its owner apparently is from Chiyoda ward and was born in 1983. And thanks to his tweet, it looks like he found the owner.

The two planned to meet during Comiket 93’s second day, with the owner thanking the finder gratefully. Hopefully, they did truly meet up and the owner finally gets his wallet back… and go buy some doujins and anime merch.

The story generated tons of buzz on social media, with a lot of people praising @deou_bal. Hopefully, this act inspires more people to do the same everytime there’s a convention, right guys?

Source: 0takomu