Haunted House attractions are pretty popular in Japan. From the big ones in amusement parks to the amateur school festival ones you see in anime, the Japanese love them. And with the new Junji Ito Collection anime premiering next season, the anime has teamed up with the “Daiba Madokeri School” haunted house for a special collaboration.

Tomie, who will be getting her own 2-episode OVA, will be appearing in the “school’s” garden. Meanwhile, Ito’s Hanging Blimps, those head-shaped balloons which hang people, will be scaring visitors as well.

The Daiba Madokeri School actually has a scary backstory of its own. According to its story, a curse forced the school to shut down 40 years ago. Now, all sorts of mysterious creatures haunt the school. And with Junji Ito characters making their way there, expect it to be scarier.

Aside from the haunted house in Odaiba, the Daiba Madokeri School also has a sister school in Nagoya. It will also feature Tomie and other Junji Ito characters as part of the collaboration as well.

As for the anime itself, Junji Ito Collection will premiere on 5th January 2018. Meanwhile the Tomie OVAs will bundle with the Blu-ray/DVD box release. And while they haven’t revealed which Junji Ito manga gets included in the TV anime, they did reveal which manga gets an adaptation in the OVA.

Source: Comic Natalie