My Hero Academia fans, rejoice! This is because the anime’s official twitter page dropped a huge bombshell, as it announced a My Hero Academia anime film. Officially titled “My Hero Academia the Movie,” the twitter page announced it with an illustration from creator Kohei Horikoshi himself. Plus Ultra!

Aside from Horikoshi-sensei’s announcement artwork, the staff also revealed the film’s new logo:

According to the tweet, My Hero Academia the movie will premiere sometime in summer 2018. They also revealed that it will have an original story, which you cannot find in Horikoshi’s original manga. And speaking of Horikoshi, the manga revealed in the anime’s official website that the film will have a lot of content. He also talked about the story, and said that it will revolve around “a certain character’s past”. Now, who could this “certain character” be? He also promised fans that the anime film will contain a lot of action scenes as well.