Singapore recently played host to the biggest Japanese pop culture event in South East Asia — C3 AFA Singapore 2017! Held at the Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre, the event welcomed tens of thousands of anime, cosplay, and anisong fans. In between squeezing past the crowds at the exhibition hall, screaming and jumping at the I Love Anisong concerts, and stuffing themselves into complicated costumes, a few attendees certainly worked up a sweat!

Therein lies the problem: how do you know how nice (or nasty?) do you still smell? Thankfully, the fine folks from Konica Minolta were at the C3 AFA Singapore exhibition hall to lend a hand (or nose)! They were on the ground to share the wonders of Kunkun Body — one of the most successfully funded projects on Japanese crowd-funding site Makuake! Kunkun Body is a small device that detects your body odor, and connects to your smartphone for analysis and results.

We had our doubts at first: is this device for real, or is it a masterfully orchestrated prank? As we walked past the Food Street with its scrumptious food smells, the wotagei booth with its strenuous penlight waving, and the queue of hot and bothered fangirls lining up for cosplayer autographs, we definitely felt a trickle of sweat down our backs and picked up a few questionable smells along the way.

At the Kunkun Body booth, we screwed up our courage and waved the little device on our sweaty ponytails and behind the collars of our jackets. We waited a few nervous seconds as the machine passed judgement. The device started calculating the amount of chemicals suspended in the air around the problem zones, and came to the conclusion that we were just fine and dandy! Hooray — we’re hot, but not a hot mess!

If you’re ever so slightly paranoid about offending others with your body odor, make sure you pick up your every own Kunkun Body device. Konica Minolta is working very hard to bring this product to the masses very soon, so watch out for its Singapore debut at a consumer electronics store near you! For more information, you can also check out the official Kunkun Body website at

So are you hot, or not?! Let Kunkun Body tell you soon!