After Hunter x Hunter predictably went on yet another hiatus back in August, fans weren’t expecting the manga to return anytime soon. However, Weekly Shonen Jump magazine’s latest issue has revealed that Yoshihiro Togashi is returning earlier than expected.

The mangaka, whose hiatuses last for YEARS, is uncharacteristically coming back only after a few months. Well, he really does have to finish the series at this point, right? According to the magazine, Hunter x Hunter will return inside the pages of its 9th issue for 2018. That edition will be getting its release this 29th January, so it confirms that this current hiatus is short by Togashi standards.

Meanwhile, here’s the current look at the Hiatus x Hiatus… I mean, Hunter x Hunter hiatus chart. The red squares signify the weeks the manga went on hiatus, while the blue ones indicate when the manga was active.

Yeah, someone actually keeps track of all his hiatuses online. Well, they don’t call Togashi one of the two Hiatus Kings for nothing, huh?

Source: @YonkouProd