Norimitsu Kaihou and Sadoru Chiba’s hit moe zombie apocalypse psychological horror manga, School Live, is getting a live-action film. Now, Manga Time Kirara magazine’s official twitter page have revealed that Japanese idol group, Last Idol, will make up the main cast.

However, the magazine didn’t reveal which Last Idol members will be acting as which characters for the film. But while they didn’t reveal who plays who, the tweet also revealed that Issei Shibata (Real Onigokko) will direct it.

As of writing, the staff haven’t really revealed much, except for the fact that the film will premiere in 2018. Set in a Zombie Apocalypse, the manga and anime follows the members of the School Living Club. Together, they must survive against hordes of zombies while keeping themselves sane. They also have to take care of Yuuki, who is experiencing denial and hallucinations.

School Live received a 12-episode anime adaptation back in 2015. The anime garnered a strong following, as it played the psychological aspect of a zombie apocalypse well with moe characters. Heck, it even sparked a few memes thanks to its OP song.

Yeah, don’t let that OP fool you, the anime gets quite brutal as it makes it to the later episodes. Let’s just say it’s an anime where you shouldn’t get attached to any of the characters…

Source: Otakomu