Veteran seiyuu, Kohei Kiyasu, made a name for himself as Hajime no Ippo’s titular character, Ippo Makunouchi. Now, in an instagram post, the seiyuu revealed that he is now married and with a child. He also posted a picture of himself with his newborn son.

Kiyasu also admitted that he and his new wife have already entered the Japanese family registry. However, he also said that he wanted to make the announcement as soon as possible, but wasn’t able to. He admitted that he had trouble finding a good opportunity to make that announcement.

In a tweet, Kiyasu also said that his wife gave birth just this fall. According to the seiyuu, his son entered the world as he was doing the “Denen ni Kuchizuke” stage play. Kiyasu not only wrote the play’s script, but also directed it as well, proving he’s not just a seiyuu.

As for his anime roles, Kiyasu didn’t just voice Ippo, but also The Prince of Tennis’ Kaoru Kaidou and Fafner’s Soushi Minashiro. Congratulations Kohei Kiyasu, and good luck in your new family life!