Mobile Suit Gundam revolutionised the mecha genre, and also science fiction in general. Now, the classic mecha series is getting a traditional Japanese make-over thanks to Premium Bandai. Traditional Japanese craftsmen will be making ceramic artworks featuring scenes from the 1979 classic anime. This includes a beautiful ceramic chopstick case featuring the iconic “Final Shot” scene.

This is all part of Gundam Cafe Online’s Discovery-G line of chinaware. It features several prominent scenes, as well as some well known characters and mobile suits. It can hold up to 25 pair of chop sticks, and it costs about 19,980 yen. The chopstickcase also features several traditional Japanese art styles, such as the old Kutani style, Kimono style, Yoshidaya style, Iidaya style, Shozo style

P-Bandai and Discovery-G are also offering up individual tea cups and plates. Like the chopstick case, they use traditional Japanese art styles which feature Gundam’s mobile suits.

P-BVandai will be opening pre-orders starting 22nd December. They will then release the entire set staring March 2018.