This January, the season promises plenty of scares as it will also feature the Junji ito Collection anthology anime. Now, the anime’s staff have finally revealed a spooky new PV, and it promises to bring the horror maestro’s signature gore and scares.

The video previews several Junji ito masterpieces, including Tomie and Soichi. It also features Shibito no Koiwazurai” and “Namekuji Shoujo” as well. However, be warned, these works won’t be for the weak of heart. Let’s just say Junji Ito likes to do body horror, as well as gruesome and gory artworks.

The video also confirms that the anime anthology will premiere this 5th January. Yes, it really does promise to make winter a lot chillier, huh? The PV also teases the anime’s theme song, “Shichitenbattou no Blues” by newcomers, The Pinballs.

So, which Junji Ito manga do you think will make it to the anthology? And no, I don’t think they’ll include Junji Ito’s Cat Diary on this one.