It’s Christmas time once again, and Kemono Friends is spreading some Holiday cheer. In a new music video, Serval, Raccoon, and Fennec Fox all sing a Christmas version of the anime’s OP song. The members of the penguin idol group, PPP, also join in, including Hululu. And guess who can be seen alongside Hululu’s silhouette in the video? Why Grape-kun’s of course!

Aside from Grape-kun, the video itself also has a few other Easter Eggs. This includes a snowflake in the form of Kemono Friends’ own symbol for “No”. The video then ends with a “Merry Christmas” greeting from the Friends.

Photo by Kemono Friends Project A

Kemono Friends had quite the year in 2017, with plenty of ups, as well as a few downs. The anime has proven to be one of 2017’s most popular and talked about anime, and even has one iconic Penguin fan.

And from all of us here from Wow Japan, Merry Christmas everyone!