After voicing Kuroko Tetsuya in the various Kuroko’s Basketball anime and starring in the live-action stage adaptation, seiyuu Kensho Ono cemented the fact that he really is Kuroko Tetsuya as he reprises his role for the third stage play. The play’s official website has now revealed its new visual. It features Ono in Seirin uniform as Kuroko Tetsuya, together with Taiga and Aomine.

Yuuya Asato, who also dabbled in voice acting as The Royal Tutor’s Kai von Grannzreich, reprises his role as Taiga Kagami. Meanwhile, Shouta Onuma will also reprise his role as Daiki Aomine. In fact, much of the cast from the second play will reprise their roles in the third one. However, there will be a few minor changes, as Yuuho Matsui will replace Ryuutarou Akimoto as Shun Izuki. Hirotaka Katou will also replace Eiji Akaso as Ryou Sakurai.

The play will run across three locations in Tokyo and Osaka from April-May 2018. The 2nd play’s director, Norihito Nakayashiki, will also return to direct the play.

Seiyuu reprising their anime roles for the stage adaptation is becoming more and more common as of late. Aside from Ono reprising his role as Kuroko, the cast of the Kemono Friends anime also played their respective roles for its stage adaptation.

Source: Nijimen