Kuroko’s Basketball has proven to be one of Japan’s most popular anime and manga franchises. The sports series has even made Basketball a lot more popular in Japan. Now, Premium Bandai has launched a new clothing line for the franchise called KUROCORZET. They have teamed up with Llana Design Factory to create these Kuroko’s Basketball-inspired clothes and accessories.

The brand name “KUROCORZET” actually combines the words “KUROKO” and “CLOSET”. This weekend’s Jump Festa 2018 event will display these clothes and accessories over at Makuhari Messe in Chiba. Premium Bandai will then release the first batch of clothes and accessories by March 2018. The clothing line will include the following items:

“Kuroko’s Denim Shirt” (5,900 yen)

“Kagami’s Stadium Jumper” (12,000 yen)

“Kise’s Knit Sweater” (5,900 yen)

“Murasakibara’s Knit Sweater” (5,900 yen)

“Midorima’s Chesterfield coat” (14,000 yen)

“Akashi’s Knit Cardigan” (8,900 yen)

“Aomine’s Mods Coat” (12,000 yen)

“KUROCORZET” T-shirt (3,900 yen)

And if you want to give your clothes an extra Kuroko’s Basketball feel they are also offering official KUROKORZET patches. They will release them as a set of seven in February 2018 for 2,900 yen.

Premium Bandai Online Shop is now accepting pre-orders for these items.

Source: Press Release