The Inuyashiki TV anime has just ended its run, and now, we have new details on the upcoming Inuyashiki live-action film. This includes a new teaser trailer which teases footage from the film for the very first time.

As the trailer reveals, the manga-based film will premiere on 20 April 2018 in Japan. It also features the film’s two main leads, including Noritake Kinashi as Ichiro Inuyashiki. Meanwhile, Rurouni Kenshin star, Takeru Satoh, will also star in the film, this time as antagonist Hiro Shishigami.

Based on Hiroya Oku’s critically-acclaimed manga series, the film will follow the elderly salaryman, Ichiro Inuyashiki. As he struggles to connect with his wife and children, he suddenly gets into an incident which turns him into a deadly robot. However, he wasn’t alone, as the incident also turned teenager Hiro Shishigami into a robot as well. But while Inuyashiki uses his powers to save people, Shishigami goes on a murderous rampage. The conflict between the elderly hero and the teenage sociopath then becomes inevitable.

Shinsuke Satou, who directed Inuyashiki mangaka Hiroya Oku’s Gantz into live-action, will also direct this one. As for the TV anime, it aired its final episode last 21st December during the Noitamina anime bloc.