Ritz Kobayashi’s mahjong-themed manga, Saki Achiga-hen episode of Side-A, is getting itself a live-action film adaptation. Now, the staff for this Saki spin-off have now revealed the film’s full trailer. It features much of the film’s cast, as well as some mahjong of course.

In the film, Hiyori Sakurada stars as Shizuno Takakamo. It also stars Momoka Itou as Ako Atarashi, as well as Yuri Tsunematsu as Kuro Matsumi. Meanwhile, Koume Watanabe stars as Yuu Matsumi, and Riko Nakayama stars as Arata Sagimori

Much like the previous Saki live-action, the Achiga-hen spin-off also started out with a TV drama. That TV drama is currently airing in Japan, and will then continue with a TV special, and then a film. As for that TV special and live-action film, both will premiere sometime in January 2018. To be specific, the film will begin its theatrical run on 20 January 2018.