In 1967, Monkey Punch revolutionised both the anime and manga industries as he introduced Lupin III. Now, TMS has revealed that the classic series is getting a 50th anniversary project titled “Lupin wa Ima mo Moeteiru ka?”. And mangaka Monkey Punch himself will be serving as the project’s director.

The mangaka/director also promised that the project will include material from previous Lupin III installments. However, he also said that the project will also allow staff to “try out new things”. He also invited fans to check the project out when they release it.

So far, the anime’s official website hasn’t revealed much details about this new project yet. The only thing we know is that Monkey Punch himself is directing it. This means that we just have to stay tuned for them to reveal more details, which might come in the near future.

Throughout its 50-year run, Lupin III has inspired plenty of adaptations, from anime to live-action. Hey, Hayao Miyazaki himself even directed one Lupin III film, and people consider the Castle of Cagliostro a classic now.