After 15 years, m-flo has revealed in their twitter page that they’ve reunited with their former member, LISA. The former member, who we shouldn’t confuse with LiSA, left the group after creative differences.

The original group included LISA, as well as current members Verbal and Taku Takashi. The trio formed the group in 1998, before LISA left the group in 2002 to pursue a solo career.

But even without LISA, Verbal and Taku Takashi went on as m-flo, and also became successful. In fact, they performed various anisongs themselves, including Astro Boy (2003)’s 2nd OP song. They also performed the theme song for the hit anime film,Β Appleseed: Ex Machina. They also did various collaboration works with other artistes such as Namie Amuro, Bonnie Pink, and Heartsdales. As for LISA, the singer performed the third opening theme song for The Legend of the Galactic Heroes, “Sea of Stars”.