The Tamashii Nations 2017 event featured the “Macross Series Special Stage” presentation. During that presentation, the staff unveiled a brand new teaser trailer for the upcoming Macross Delta movie.

And aside from the new teaser trailer, the staff also unveiled a new key visual from character designer, Chisato Mita. In the new visual, it reveals a new armored fighter variant, as well as the members of the Delta Squadron. However, the new visual only features four of them, and the emcee even noted that Delta leader, Arad’s fighter seems to be missing. The new visual also sports the tagline, “Someday, this voice will fade out. Until that day…”

The visual also confirms that the film will premiere on 9 February 2018. Much like the previous Macross Frontier films, this new Macross Delta film will retell the story of the RV anime. However, also much like the Frontier films, it will also add new elements and scenes to tell a completely different story. Long story short, its story will seem similar to the TV anime, but will also be a bit different with new elements added.