Like most countries, Japan also has plenty of dating and matchmaking services. But in a new collaboration with Tezuka Productions and Tatsunoko Pro, one service has paired up one really odd couple. This is because Japanese dating service, Partner Agent, has paired up Black Jack with Yatterman villain, Doronjo.

Partner Agent will be releasing a series of four ads featuring the two iconic characters. In the first ad, it follows their first meeting as well as their first impressions of each other. They also promise wedding bells for the two of them in the fourth and final installment as well.

And as for first impressions, Black Jack doesn’t hate Doronjo, while the villain says she’s impressed… by his bank account. Meanwhile, the second part will focus on them discussing their hobbies, while the third one will focus on their jobs.

Well, it’s certainly interesting what might happen when Black Jack finds out about Doronjo’s dreams of world conquest, huh? As for their parent companies, Tatsunoko Pro admitted that Doronjo finds it hard to get a suitable partner. This is mainly because most of her suitable male co-starts in her anime are her enemies. Meanwhile, for Tezuka Productions, they just wish that the ads bring more people together.

Source: Nijimen