The upcoming Mazinger Z/Infinity film will celebrate 50 years of Go Nagai. And as the anime will hit a ton nostalgia points, it’s even bringing back the original theme song, complete with its original singer, Ichiro Mizuki! But for the new film, it will feature an updated version of the original from 45 years ago. Now, Ichiro Mizuki himself is teasing the new version with a 60-second music video:

Mizuki said that he was only 24 when he recorded the original version 45 years ago. He’s now 69, and he’s quite happy to work on the anime which helped launch his career once again. As for the song itself, the “opening edit” version already has a digital release available. They will then release its full version as part of the film’s original soundtrack on 10th January.

Veteran seiyuu Hiroya Ishimaru and Minori Matsushima, who previously voiced Koji Kabuto and Sayaka Yumi in the original anime, will also be voicing characters in the new film. However, the staff haven’t revealed their roles yet.

Mazinger Z/Infinity celebrates the 45th anniversary of legendary mangaka, Go Nagai’s classic Mazinger Z manga, as well as the TV series. Its story will happen 10 years after the events of the original 1972 TV anime. The film previously revealed that Showtaro Morikubo and Ai Kayano will be voicing the two leads, Koji Kabuto and Sayaka Yumi respectively. It also stars

  • Sumire Uesaka as Lisa
  • Natsuki Hanae as Shiro Kabuto
  • Wataru Takagi as Boss
  • Kappei Yamaguchi as Mucha
  • Masami Kikuchi as Nuke
  • Junpei Morita as Prime Minister Yumi
  • Bin Shimada as Dr. Nossori
  • Kouzou Shioya as Dr. Sewashi
  • Unshou Ishizuka as Dr. Hell

Junji Shimizu will be directing the film over at Toei Animation, while Takayuki Yanase is responsible for the mechanical design. Meanwhile, Hiroya Iijima will be the character designer, while Takahiro Ozawa writes the screenplay.