In just two weeks, Overlord II will finally make its long-awaited return. But before that, the staff unveiled two new PVs for the highly-anticipated second season. Ainz himself narrates the first PV, while Albedo and Shaltear share the duties of narrating the second PV.

While the first PV features Ainz’s showdown with a Basilisk, the second video teases the race of Lizardmen. And speaking of Lizardmen, the anime’s new key visual also features them quite prominently. It looks like they will really be playing a big role in the anime, huh?

As for its theme songs, the staff revealed that OxT will perform the OP theme song, “GO CRY GO”. Meanwhile, MYTH & ROID will be performing the ED theme song, “HYDRA”. Finally, Overlord II itself will begin airing in Japan on 9th January 2018.