Japanese visual kei singer, Kamijo, is teaming up with virtual diva, Hatsune Miku, for a very special musical project. Kamijo, who also serves as the Versailles band front man, teased the project in a new video on twitter. It also revealed another collaborator for the project, and that’s Rozen Maiden mangaka, Peach-Pit. The renowned mangaka drew the project’s illustration, which features Miku as a vampire. How visual kei, huh? But it does seem they picked the right artist for the job.

Kamijo also teased that there will be “More ACTION next week”. The video also features some English text, which reads”Aesthetic and dangerous world… a real Artist and an electrical Diva cuddle up like a human and a vampire—”. As for the project itself, the singer confirmed that it will happen sometime in 2018. They will reveal more details in the days ahead.

The vampire theme is also fitting of the visual kei singer, as he will be releasing his “Nosferatu” single on 16th January. As for Peach-Pit, he didn’t just create Rozen Maiden, but also Shugo Chara and Zombie Loan. He also served as the mangaka for DearS as well.