A lot of seiyuu got married this year, and as 2017 ain’t over yet, it looks like another one just tied the knot. In her blog, seiyuu Kaori Shimizu also confirmed that she also got married this year. She revealed that she and her new husband have now entered Japan’s family registry as a married couple.

In her announcement, she revealed that her new husband isn’t involved with the seiyuu industry. She also described him as “an ordinary person”. The seiyuu then thanked her fans for all their support, and pledges to continue voice acting. Shimizu also said that she plans to “redouble” her voice acting efforts now that she’s married.

Fans might know Shimizu for her role as Signum in the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha franchise. She also voiced Lucky Star’s Hiyori Tamura, School Rumble’s Akira Takano, and of course, Serial Experiments Lain’s Lain Iwakura.

So to the newly-married Kaori Shimizu, we wish you luck with your new married life, and congratulations!

Source: Yaraon!