I finally did it! I finished building my first model kit all by myself! It’s quite special because it’s the exclusive Kotobukiya Frame Arms Girl x AFA: Baselard Seika ver., which I heard is limited to 1000pcs worldwide so having this in my collection is quite a lot! It took me like, a week to complete it, because I can’t fully focus entirely, due to work and my mild ADD and anything it between LOL.

A little story here, after getting the news that AFA is sending me this model kit, I was quite overwhelmed at the idea that I’m going to build something that I’ve never done! So it’s safe to say that the entire experience puts me totally out of my comfort zone but overall, it’s such an amazing experience!

Here’s my speed building video here, I got all the nitty and gritty parts up in the video so I hope you enjoy this!