Ladies and gentlemen, Japan’s most famous animation studio, Studio Ghibli, now has a new president. Now-former President Koji Hoshino has stepped down as president, and revealed his successor. He revealed that former Ghibli Museum director, Kiyofumi Nakajima, will be taking his place as president.

As for Hoshino, he will still be working for the studio as its chairperson. His work will focus on foreign business development, as well as merchandise licensing. As president, he also served as a producer for the studio, producing films like The Wind Rises.

Meanwhile, Toshio Suzuki will continue his job as Ghibli’s producer, and is in charge of the production department. The studio previously dissolved its production department after Hayao Miyazaki “retired” back in 2013. Now that he’s back directing, the studio has returned to normal operations once again.

As for the new president’s old position, Kazuki Anzai will be the new director of the Ghibli museum. Aside from being the museum’s director, she will also serve as the director for the Tokuma Memorial Cultural Foundation for Animation. She previously directed the museum’s planning and exhibitions.

Source: Movie Natalie