The 90’s kids who grew up with Pokemon are now adults, and many are already getting married. Well, it looks like these Pokefans can now share their fandoms with their respective spouses. This is because Japanese jewelers, U-Treasure, are releasing Pokemon-themed wedding rings. These also include a male and female Pikachu-themed wedding ring set. Each ring comes with a diamond, and U-Treasure is selling the set for 120,000 yen.

But if you’re no fan of Pikachu, why not go for the Eevee, Umbreon, and Espeon rings? The set of two costs 118,000 yen.

However, if you wanna go Mythical, they also have a Mew variation. The jewelers also have 61 other designs to choose from, and they include other Pokemon like Charizard, Meowth, and others. Hey, they even have Pokeball and Masterball designs! And with the Masterball, there’s no escape, right?!

Their store in Shinjuku are now accepting orders. Their online store is also accepting orders for these rings online as well. Just make sure you have your partner’s ring measurements right, OK?

Source: Press Release